Luxury Unbreakable Exclusive

Fueled by frustration in a contrived and over-processed world, luxury brands EXTREMEDY1980 & EXTREMEDY COUTURE offers unapologetically bold and brash men’s and women’s clothing for today’s fashionista new-school.

A celebration of indulgent self-expression, EXTREMEDY1980 juxtaposes electrifying street culture with a luxury aesthetic, deliberately fanning the flames of fearless fashion rebels, who care not for trends, opinions or approval. Laced with understated strength and a hearty dose of controversy, EXTREMEDY1980’s distinct look is complex and layered with a message that extends far beyond its destructive edge.

At the pinnacle of contemporary, luxury, Red Carpet evening wear EXTREMEDY COUTURE features bold, cutting edge designs worn by A-list celebrities and a fashion forward clientele that need to be seen and heard. From Hip Hop stars to Actors & Actresses EXTREMEDY COUTURE will always get you noticed and is gaining a cult global following.


We Break The Rules, We Don't Follow Them

We express ourselves differently. We intimidate, through perception, not through choice. The questions – we choose not to answer. Our energy is contagious, our reach is unlimited and the effects are profound.


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