The Story of Heist Collection

A strong and irreverent collection with a great personality that explores the courage to abandon the classic idea of elegance in the name of a post-apocalyptic streetwear couture in which the details, the studs, the patches, the metallic details – are reinterpreted in a tailored way.

The desire of freedom and redemption goes through the Extremedy FW 20.21 collection: an invitation to the courage to let yourself go, to be yourself outside the box and from the social labels in a wild race in the name of a total celebration of individuality . A strong and free tribe, which as a weapon uses the style of a roaring and original wardrobe born from the brand’s creations, designed for her and for him who do not follow the rules but write them.

Dress to be free: studied shapes give structure to super feminine dresses covered in light, with asymmetrical skirts, with important shoulders while adding an ironic and strong accent with the shimmering lettering. The epitome of power dressing is redefined with precise models; the tailoring of the garments is bright and shines with metallic motifs and multicolor details that make them an armor.

Extremedy women are wrapped in metallic dresses, they wear crop tops and shorts as if they were cocktail dresses, rock t-shirts and mini skirts; the colors are black, white, red and blue. Their men choose super-graphic t-shirts, on leather jackets with contrasting and hyper-equipped inserts – placed pockets, eco-fur, metallic inserts – and trousers that amplify an irreverent and strong masculine spirit.

And again hoodies and remodeled outerwear that express rebellion and strength, bringing totalizing messages and contagious energy to a strongly identity style that makes its electrifying, luxurious and unconventional street aesthetic.

The Extremedy collection, totally Made in Italy, is expressed in a precise attention to detail, fabrics and processes in the name of lively and inimitable excellence.